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          Many companies in Saint - Petersburg, providing escort services every day their number increases. In the cauldron boil and professionals who provide services to VIP-level girls and offer customized services. For man never tried to escort important to make the right choice the first visit. This article will attempt to describe some of the features and lift the veil of secrecy.             Escort agency - a company that offers its employees for customers with varying degrees of

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          IntimSpb- the highest score female escorts in St. Petersburg. It can be described in various ways, "luxury", "premium", "VIP», but the essence remains the same It - excellent service for a decent price. Well, noble stylish girl with good humor and tact support conversation will keep your company in strict male society, decorate lonely night, can serve as a personal assistant ... Normal escort agency that offers beginners, includes only the presence of a number of attractive man - nothing more. This often leads to embarrassment.

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          Escort girls - girls only for lovers of pleasure and luxury, nymphs Olympus.           Escort girls realize their value and are only available to VIP-persons, many of whom just heard. Most men - never in my life met a woman. Number of patterns accordance with the Spartan escort girls, limited and limited - it's nothing to say. In St. Petersburg, the number of different models VIP escort of several dozen, and all of them we have information that you and I am happy to

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          Support for rich men organized a special body called Escort agencies. For the organization of services in support of these agencies recruit girls model looks professionally prepare them and to ensure successful and wealthy people to participate in group activities, visiting business meetings, entertainment and a variety of informal recreation.             It should be noted that prostitutes and bardeli often disguised as service support. For men, it is important to separate the

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